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Customer Reviews by Anthony from USA

Daisy Match Grade Avanti 888 Medalist

Daisy Match Grade Avanti 888 Medalist Air rifle
Review entered on 2009-10-27 22:36:01

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5.0 5.0

By Anthony from USA on 2009-10-27
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Things I liked: Awsome airgun. Good for compation, the people complaning should just let the air rifle speak for its self. The long trigger pull makes me hit the 2nd stage and then I would know when it would break like glass. I have used this gun for comp at 10 meters and I dominated the comp. Every one had more better guns, but bad pellets. This gun is not picky on pellets so you could use any pellets you like. This gun will fire and keep going with a match grade barlle. It will get the job done.

Things I would have changed: I wish they would make wights for the stock to balance out the gun.

What others should know: Don't be bugged by the trigger and let the gun speak. You can costamize it, but don't go over board. This gun can be used for 10 meter comp, and I have went all the way to national comp and almost won with this air gun 7th in national. So don't blame the gun and let it work out the bugs and speak.