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Customer Reviews by Jeff from USA

Webley Tempest Centennial

Webley & Scott Ltd. Webley Tempest Centennial Air gun
Review entered on 2013-01-27 22:16:26

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Jeff from USA on 2013-01-27
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Things I liked: This is a very well made air pistol. I was admittedly hesitant when I saw it was made in Turkey, but several on-line reviews inspired me to take a chance. I was not disappointed. If anything, the Turkish version is better made than the English version it replaces. Fit and finish are very good. Mechanical function is very good, very tight and precise, with no discernible slop or free play in the mechanism. The trigger is very crisp and can be easily adjusted down to about three pounds weight with very little creep. Accuracy is outstanding with H&N Field Target Trophy 14.8 grain pellets (the only ones I've tried so far). The "recoil" generated by this little springer aids in providing realistic practice that transfers well to the use of firearms - you really must pay attention to maintaining a consistent grip, both in position and firmness. A very firm grip, as when shooting a firearm with some recoil, is rewarded with satisfyingly small groups. Mine easily shoots into 2.0" to 2.5" groups at 25 yards (across the back yard) "when I do my part" (one of my favorite "gunwriter" terms... heh heh heh...). Oh, and let's not forget the smell - my smells distinctly of castor oil when fired. I may have to get a bottle of Webley gun oil just to keep that going. How quintessentially British... gotta love it. Really - it just adds to the charm of firing this little pistol.

Things I would have changed: Like everyone else who comments on this pistol, I believe it would benefit greatly from improved sights. Not so much the rear sight, but rather the front. The front sight reminds me of an original G.I. 1911 (and it's been a decade since I could see that front sight well), only smaller. I can live with the rear sight adjustment method, but that front sight has to go. Taller and wider would both help a great deal, but I guess that would mean a really tall rear as well (the rear is tall enough as it is). Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing.

What others should know: Much has been said about the cocking effort and grips. Being right handed, I have no trouble with the latter. Being a six foot tall, 250 pound former weight lifter, I only have a little trouble with the former... (just kidding, kind of...). This little pistol is hard to cock - there is no getting around that. Developing an over-the-leg or around-the-hip technique alleviates most of the difficulty, though, so it's really not a deal breaker. Just be aware it is a very real issue with this pistol. This little pistol is no powerhouse, but that really isn't its point, now is it? Mine clocks right at 336 fps with the above mentioned 14.8 grain H&N's. Enough to maintain accuracy across my 25 yard back yard range, which is really all I was after. It will not penetrate a soup can at that range, which I have found is actually a good thing - the cans last forever, but give a very satisfying hollow "clonk" when tagged. Great good fun. Midrange trajectory is necessarily quite high when zeroed at that range (25 yards), thereby requiring a good deal of "Kentucky elevation" to score hits at closer range. That, and my rear sight would not adjust up high enough to zero at 25 yards with that heavy pellet. I had to file the bottom of the elevation screw slot to allow the blade to go up higher. In summary, I see this as a very solid five star pistol. I could not be happier. I would recommend this new Turkish Tempest to anyone looking for a quality adult air pistol.