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Customer Reviews by Alan from USA

Gamo Whisper Air Rifle Combo

Gamo Whisper Air Rifle Combo Air rifle
Review entered on 2007-08-20 11:42:05

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Alan from USA on 2007-08-20
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Things I liked: It is very accurate, powerful and light weight. The open sites are excellent (upgraded from my Shadow 1000) and the stock is very comfortable. My whisper is a real shooter and I would higly recommend this gun. It has the tightest "chamber" or breech of any of my Gamo rifles (4 w/the whisper) I suspect that this is part of what contributes to the high level of accuracy. Crosman Premiers and RWS Superdomes both begin to engage the rifling at the pellet head when 1/2 way inserted. It also shoots Gamo Raptors better (more accuratly)than any gun I own. Out of the box I was getting 910 fps on the Premiers and 1110 fps on the raptors over my Alpha Chrony. Superdomes and Premiers deliver incredible groups and Raptors are actually falling in to the "usable" range which is not true for that pellet in many of my airguns. Plus, the noise reduction device is both very cool and quite functional. One does have to understand how spring guns make noise or you may be dissapointed. In a springer noise is generated by; 1.) The mechanical action (spring & piston noise) which on Gamo's tends to grow quiter with use. 2.) Via muzzle blast (which is the area the Integrated noise dampener effects, as well as 3.) The sonic boom generated by pellets which reach supersonic or "hyper"sonic speeds and 4.) the impact of the pellet agains the target it strikes. Firing the rifle in out of the box, in my garage and into my steel 22 rimfire trap, I did percieve a good bit of noise. The stock transmits the action noise to the bones in my ear and the steel trap rings quite loudly when struck. As the action has begun to break-in the spring noise is going down. A helper standing next to me described it as much quiter than the Viper we were using for comparison but louder than the Gamo Recon we were also comparing it to. When shooting it from a prone position off of a carpet mat and into a wooden post off of our deck it was percieved by the shooter and observer both as incredibly quite. I also notice the action noise varies with different pellets. Anyway Gamo's noise reducing device gives those of us in the US an opportunity to explore the possibilities for noise reduction in springers that our friends in Europe hace enjoyed for some time. This powerful, accurate and lightweight rifle is an excellent ( and moderatly priced) way of doing that. However it is important to remember that a "silencer" does not make a spring gun silent.

Things I would have changed: It comes with the infamous gamo trigger, which is not excellent but does improve with time and can be easily modified.

What others should know: Might want to read the Pyramyd blog on noise in airguns or some of my comments about noise above to make sure that your expectations of sound reduction are accurate.