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Customer Reviews by Jack from USA

Ruger Air Hawk Elite Combo

Ruger Air Hawk Elite Combo Air rifle
Review entered on 2008-06-23 22:36:19

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By Jack from USA on 2008-06-23
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Things I liked: The fit and finish on this rifle is excellent and the thumb-hole stock and AO scope are great up-grades which is why I chose the Elite package.

Things I would have changed: The adjustment knobs on the scope are too small for my fingers. They would have been better off using a simple screwdriver slot instead. The scope ring/mounts are a joke. Nothing more than stilts. On a 1000fps rifle? It only took about 60 shots to send this scope flying right off the gun. And I had it cranked down TIGHT! I'll probably put this scope on one of my $10 Chinese clunkers and use a CenterPoint scope instead. This gun also requires a scope stop and an elevation adjustable scope mount.

What others should know: Yes, the pretend silencer shot loose too. Also, due to the barrel "sag" inherent in most break-barrel guns, a scope mount that is elevation adjustable is a must have. Especially for distances of 15 yards or less. It didn't take much to run out of elevation adjustment with this scope and still not be on target at 15 yards. A scope stop would also be a must have with this gun unless you have a preferred mount that you KNOW will securely hold on these dovetail rails. I will check with Umarex and Ruger to see if installing my own stop will void my warranty or if they want to do it for me. All in all, a nice gun for the money, but it will take a couple hundred more break-in rounds before I can see if it will challenge my Anschutz for accuracy. And all this is on hold until I get a stop installed and find a better mount. $180 just sitting around doing nothing until who knows when? Looks like I'll be spending more money on this gun just to get it right.