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Crosman Precision Sight Set, Globe Front sight w/Insert, Rear Diopter Sight

Crosman Precision Sight Set, Globe Front sight w/Insert, Rear Diopter Sight
Review entered on 2010-07-13 10:07:45

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Fatman from USA on 2010-07-13
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Things I liked: Although I gave this sight package 5 stars in both catagories it's clearly not Awsome, it's just the best sight, thats eligable for sporter competition, at anywhere near the pirce. It appears to be a copy of an older Fein Work Bau model that was standard on the FWB 300. It features positive clicks, doesn't have noticable backlash or slop and does what is required in a workmanlike fashion. It's miles better (made in Spain by Gamo) than any examples of the cheaper Daisy Avanti (made in China) sight that I have seen. Yes, it's relative expenive, but still I haven't found anything better at anywhere near the price. It not a "precision" made piece but it does the job well enough. The front sight is quite good. Again not "precision" but certainly adequate. Inserts are good but additional sizes would be appreciated.

Things I would have changed: Fit and finish are OK, The detent (click) mechanism seems cheezy but it does the job. Possible finer adjustment (more clicks per inch) but that will only be a problem for shooters who are at a high competetive level. I feel that, for the quality, the price is a bit high but there's no competition to drive it down.

What others should know: Definately the least expensive quality target sights that are elegible for Sporter competition. I've had two examples of the Chinese version and they were hopeless. If you're on a tight budget, the Daisy 5899 is not a bad choice. It's mostly plastic and not as durable but it works well. It needs to be paired (it's unstable if adjusted high enough to work with the Crosman front sight) with the Daisy 853 front sight/barrel weight. It's the right height and is functional but of pretty dismal quality.