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WE P08 Metal Gas 4 inch barrel airsoft pistol

WE P08 Metal Gas 4 inch barrel airsoft pistol Airsoft gun
Review entered on 2012-07-19 19:54:17

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By Matt from USA on 2012-07-19
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Things I liked: It looked and felt great (other than the cheesy plastic grips) It had a nice blowback and the neat top bolt which i've always loved (i own a Real Steel P08, they interest me)

Things I would have changed: EVERYTHING. It was made of Cheap pot metal, the parts grinded down quickly. The blowback throws pieces everywhere (for me) In my opinion, it needs Repro Wood Grips, Made of Steel, and Be more Gas efficient.

What others should know: This is a Wall-Hanger. If you want a skirmishable Luger P08, Save your money for a Tanaka Model. Its only good for showing on a wall. this gun isn't skirmishable for me due to problems. BUT you may get a Excellent one instead of a lemon. (other reviewers :(