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Beeman 5030M 1" Rings, Medium, 9.5-11.5mm Dovetail

Beeman 5030M 1 inch Rings, Medium, 9.5-11.5mm Dovetail
Review entered on 2013-05-27 17:49:46

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By Anthony from USA on 2013-05-27
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Things I liked: Price was in budget, two pinch screws for the dovetail mounts, four screws for the scope tube clamps, having an arrestor pin, and of course the Beeman name.

Things I would have changed: Change the arrestor pin to a solid pin instead of the coiled metal they currently use.

What others should know: The arrestor pin bent from the recoil of my Gamo Bone collector. After many shots rear scope mount was off the dovetail rail. I cannot say that the pin was installed to the proper depth as I paid a local gun shop to mount my new scope & mounts and sight it in. The gun was not really sighted in so I'm guessing they didn't push the pin down completely. However a solid threaded pin would not have done this. Luckily I found the MFR of these from another reviewer so I was able to find some instructions for these things. It would be nice it PyramidAir would have MFR links for the products they sell. Anyhow, I was able to push the pin out and mount the scope again. I'll report back and update my rating if this fixes it.