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Crosman Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit Clear/Black

Crosman Stinger P9T Airsoft Pistol Kit Clear/Black Airsoft gun
Review entered on 2011-07-01 18:08:28

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By Dylan from USA on 2011-07-01
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Things I liked: Crosman does well in the realm of value for entry-level airsofters, and this kit may well stand out to some. While "springers" aren't optimal for airsoft, then can save you in a tight spot against CO2 or AEG weapons. The Stinger does well enough in this regard, but don't think you can run around with it as your primary unless you're extremely stealthy or there are no other alternatives. On the other hand, spring weapons tend to be pretty easily upgraded, and the clear body makes it easier to see when your weapon is getting worn out or jammed. The trigger pull is nice and clean, and the spacious trigger means you won't have to worry about pinching your fingers. Having the clip eject triggers ambidextrously on each side near the trigger lessons the time for reloads, meaning clip size doesn't matter as much. This weapon also has a slide lock which, while finicky, will keep novice airsofters from firing air at their targets. The ergonomics on the nice, but may annoy some as they force you to share a spot for pinky and ring finger just above the clip, or risk your index being rather close to the slide.

Things I would have changed: As a springer, you would expect a certain level of accuracy and power to make up for its capped rate of fire; unfortunately, the pistol seems intent on reminding you of its role in airsofting. You won't be hitting many people past the 40-50 ft mark, as the pellets start to take a maddening curve to the right; the farther they go, the more you think you're using a boomerang. Within this range, however, the weapon performs admirably: you'll be hitting clusters only a couple feet in radii depending on your ability to keep the weapon aimed between shots. While the mag catch switches are ambidextrous, the safety is not, forcing you to use your right hand when firing. The clip uses a spring to feed bbs, and it can only hold a maximum of 16 at any given time, so count how many are in a clip before you slam it back in. The hopper is large enough to hold about three or four mags worth, so no need to carry extras unless you're intent on having loaded magazines ready. The weapon also makes a very audible pop every time you fire, so it's about as stealthy as any spring rifle with none of the benefits. Use .20 gram bbs whenever possible to keep your shots on target, and either throw away or use the prepackaged .12bbs for target practice only; it'll lower your fps, but the ability to hit someone in partial cover is more important. Also: The slide lock can be tricky, forcing you to look and see if you have ammo in the chamber.

What others should know: While it comes with a holster, you won't be able to use it unless your pants come with loops to attach it to. I wouldn't suggest removing the orange tip, as it is both a hazard to your health and it removes the highlight it gives the (clear) front sight, making it slightly easier to distinguish your target. It should also be noted that you CAN feed bbs directly into the slide through the slide lock, but there is no real reason to; it's far easier to use your clip, and you'll have far fewer misfires or chances to damage your weapon. In summary, the Stinger P9 is a rugged holdout weapon that can help you in a tight squeeze while you wait for teammates to get to you, but only if you can look past its quirks and lack of range.


Colt 25 Silver

Cybergun Colt 25 Silver Airsoft gun
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By Dylan from USA on 2014-04-14
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Things I liked: Small size makes it easy to conceal or holster in non-traditional locations. Clip size is very respectable for such a compact pistol. Mine still works reliably after 20+ magazines of skirmishing and plinking without stripping or other maintenance.

Things I would have changed: Slide locks up and renders the pistol useless if you forget to switch the safety off before firing; it's easily fixed but still worth mentioning. Magazines don't always lock in place, especially if overloaded.

What others should know: Spring operation is a big limiter to its usefulness in actual airsofting. Ineffective outside of CQB without aftermarket upgrades, but can surprisingly hold its own against other spring pistols and even some spring ARs or shotguns. Sights are simply a groove down the middle of the slide. Keep in mind the low FPS means heavy or baggy clothing may absorb the impact without your target feeling anything.