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Customer Reviews by William from USA

Benjamin HB22

Benjamin HB22 Air gun
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By William from USA on 2013-04-21
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Things I liked: All steel and wood, no plastic. Multi-pump for variable power. The .22 caliber pellet is easier to handle with my big hands

Things I would have changed: The sights and trigger. The front blade is too narrow or the rear sight is too wide. At this price the sights are a disappointment. S;ghts should atleast be standardized for after market replacement. I had too turn the mount screw hole into a slot before I could get far ehough to the left (I am cross dominate so may be fine for most). I spent alot of time with files and a Dremol too get a smooth pull. NOTE: a small spring and ball is easily lost when disasmbling.

What others should know: I find it somewhat difficult to pump just 3 times. Three is plenty of power indoors at 10 meters. By time you buy a steel breech and other upgrades for a Crossman multi-pump you be at nearly the price of the HB22.