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Customer Reviews by solaris from USA

Diana RWS 52

Diana RWS 52 Air rifle
Review entered on 2010-05-06 10:33:12

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By solaris from USA on 2010-05-06
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5.01 rating

Things I liked: the power, accuracy, and overall quality! it has a ratcheting safety catch when you cock it. "witch means, "if you loose your grip and your hand slips while youre cocking it" it wont damage your rifle. automatic safety too. just about everything except the trigger.

Things I would have changed: the trigger needs to be made out of metal. some adjustable fiber optic sights would be nice for use without a scope. stud mounts installed at the factory would be nice too, this gun is heavy. make one in .20 and .25 cal. with velocity ratings at 1000fps in .20cal and 800fps in .25cal. preferably.

What others should know: put a good scope and mounts on this gun. i have a 4-16X40 tactical illuminated mill dot ajustable objective scope and some steel mounts on mine. i also put locktite on the screws. this gun has recoil, its a precision machine, that is really capable of dialing the distance. this gun has power in spades, "not a toy!". mine is in 22 cal., at 30 yards mine blows through 3/8" plywood with a crossman wadcutter pellet, printing 10 shot quarter size groups. i shot a 4 1/4 lb rabbit at 67 yards with an "old style" daisy double ring pointed pellet. the pellet took out both lungs and nicked the heart. the rabbit never moved from the spot i shot him from.the pellet almost came through the other side of the hide, there was a bulge. mine really likes pellets in the 13 to 15 grain range. this is not a carry all day in the field pellet gun, it's a get into position and snipe gun. mine really likes the crossman feild and target dommed pellets. for hunting up to 30 yards i use 14.3 grain wadcutters, 30-50 yards i use dommed pellets 50-75 yards i use pointed pellets. i do not recomend shooting anything beyond 75 yards, because the pellets energy declines rapidly beyond that. however, when the wind is right, i have knocked over empty tin cans at 100 yards. if you want an excellent fixed barrel spring piston pellet rifle, this is the one to get. worth every penny! buy this one, very satisfied with mine. here!