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Customer Reviews by jraclao from USA

Beretta 92FS, Nickel, Black Grips

Beretta 92FS, Nickel, Black Grips Air gun
Review entered on 2007-08-08 11:41:33

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By jraclao from USA on 2007-08-08
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Things I liked: The Beretta M92FS is very solid and YES it does feel like the actual firearm. It is all METAL. It is a tad heavy, even a little heavier than the firearm it copies but there is an advantage to it. The extra weight makes it a good practice gun. It strengthens your arms and the wider/bigger frame strengthens your grip. The M92FS has a 5 inch barrel which is makes the pistol fairly accurate. If you like the look with the compressor, then go ahead and get it. I personally dont like it and it is only for looks anyway. It doesnt affect the accuracy and velocity of the pistol because it doesnt come with an extended barrel like the Walther P99 which you can convert form 4" to 6" barrel.

Things I would have changed: mmm.. blowback action?

What others should know: get extra clips and the speedloader because once you pop... you cant stop!


Desert Eagle CO2 Pistol

Magnum Research Desert Eagle CO2 Pistol Air gun
Review entered on 2007-08-09 15:23:14

4.0 4.0

3.0 3.0

5.0 5.0

By jraclao from USA on 2007-08-09
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Things I liked: I didnt give the DEAGLE a very good rating for a few reasons... We'll get to it later. This DEAGLE is accurate that I anticipated due to its 6" barrel. And its more powerful than I thought. The pointed pellets would sink all the way inside the wooden fence that im shooting at. And this is no new fence... I'm talking about dried hard wood fence, which I think is impressive. The blowback action makes it exciting and gives it a little recoil effect... not much... buts its fun. Isn't fun that we look for on replica pistols? The trigger when cocked is very light, which is good to some and not so good to others. There is a removable picatinny rail at the bottom and a built in on top. So this means there are a lot of accesories that you can get for this pistol. I personlly dont use any scopes, lights or laser... and now for the things you dont want to hear...

Things I would have changed: OK not for the nasty part... This pistol is made of PLASTIC. But not just any ordinary plastic...It is made from polymer which is the same material they use for the real Glock and Walther P99's and the New Beretta Px4 Storm. However, everything exterior is made of polymer... Even the SAFETY and TRIGGER... I could probably live with the safety being plastic, but the trigger? I hoped it would feel solid, but it didnt. I dont squeeze it too tight with the fear of breaking it. The loading of the Co2 is another. I am impressed that the screw is concealed but you have to use a tool, which is provided, to be able to tighten the thightening screw for the Co2. And if you dont do it correctly the gun will leak and sometimes not even shoot.

What others should know: Bottom line... Blowback is realisic.. but thats about realistic it will ever get...