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Beeman RAM Air Rifle Combo, RS2 Trigger

Beeman RAM Air Rifle Combo, RS2 Trigger Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-04-11 21:40:44

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Jerry from USA on 2012-04-11
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Things I liked: The WOW factor when you first see the beautiful dark reddish stock with the Monte Carlo cheek rest, along with the deep blue/black finish of the barrel & receiver.You can't wait to pick her up & hold her tenderly, (artillery hold that is).Oh my, she's a big girl & very sturdy.She does feel good in my arms as i caress her lovingly.That's when i woke up. UPS was ringing my doorbell with a delivery. Hey, it's my Beeman Ram, i can tell by the box. Sometimes dreams do come true. Thanks PyramydAir.

Things I would have changed: Well, it is a bit heavy for these old arms, but i'll just have to get stronger, a goal. Then the twangy spring & dbl. recoil, not horrible at all, but i'm kinda used to PCP & CO2. I'm hoping i can get a Nitro piston or some other brand of gas piston installed somewhere. Any feed back on this matter would be appreciated. I'm hoping PA can do this for me. Feel free to chime in guys.

What others should know: This rifle is a bargain imho. It shoots hard & accurate in .22 cal. Not terribly loud either. Just a bit heavy to carry very long or very far for this Sr. citizen.I will shoot it from my yard swing out by the garden.I have a camera tripod rigged up for a rest when my arms get too weary. Hey, country life is great here in Oklahoma.