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Crosman 420 Laser Sight, 3/8" Dovetail

Crosman 420 Laser Sight, 3/8 inch Dovetail
Review entered on 2010-08-11 18:36:32

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1.0 1.0

By trat50 from USA on 2010-08-11
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Things I liked: Initially The price - but after you try to actually sight in this laser you will wish you had not paid anything for it. You are getting a basically useless laser site.

Things I would have changed: The 3 allen head adjustment screws for sighting this thing in are HORRIBLE! Why 3 screws?!? Why not just 2 screws - one for windage & one for elevation. How are you suppose to sight in with 3 adjustments?? The 3 allen head screws are each 120 degrees apart - in effect making a triangle! This is really not for precision adjustment. (Again - why not just windage & elevation!?!)

What others should know: I would NEVER recommend this sight for mounting on a pellet or BB gun. Accurate adjustment is IMPOSSIBLE with the 3 Allen head screw system this sight has. These 3 allen head screws actually hold the laser in position - so if you back off 2 of the allen screws - the laser diode will flop around loosely like it's going to FALL OUT! If you are serious about buying a laser you can actually sight in - DO NOT BUY THIS ONE!