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Customer Reviews by Terry from USA

Air Venturi Bronco air rifle

Air Venturi Bronco air rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2011-04-17 22:38:50

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By Terry from USA on 2011-04-17
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Things I liked: Fairly accurate Enough power for a beginner air rife easy to cock great safety features - after cocking it automatically is on safe great trigger - has a light pull and the second trigger is a nice feature and I feel adds to safety Nice solid wood stock

Things I would have changed: Barrel length vs usable barrel length. The barrel appears to be about 16.5" but the pellet only touches about 8" and the rest of the barrel is much larger in diameter and used mainly to make it easier to cock. I would like to see more of the barrel used as a "barrel" instead of a lever. The specs say the barrel is 9' but I measured closer to 8. The iron sights could be better but I put a cheap tasco red dot on his and it is accurate and works suprisingly well. If you get one also make sure it's made for an airgun as the mounts are smaller for an airgun.

What others should know: This is a very nice gun and if purchasing it for a young person it's hard to go wrong. It has a nice fit for a youth and is easy to cock. It definitly has more quality built into it than the cheaper plastic rifles you find at the discount stores and has a better trigger than many, much higher priced air guns. This gun is mostly wood and steel instead of plastic. I bought this for my 11 year old grandson but his parents don't want it in their house so I keep it here and he shoots it when he comes up. He likes it but he was able to quickly learn to cock an adult size pellet gun and better likes the greater velocity and range of the larger gun already. I was just a little miffed about the actual usuable barrel length of 8" it 's just a couple inches longer than some pistols.