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Webley Rebel Air Rifle

Webley & Scott Ltd. Webley Rebel Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2013-03-14 23:39:41

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By P-Shooter from USA on 2013-03-14
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Things I liked: Compact, recoil-less carbine. Very tough, heavy built synthetic stock and pump arm. Auto cocking pressure valve. Adjustable pump stroke rod. Steel barrel inside plastic sleeve. Sharp Innova design in the 10 to 12 Fpe range for small game hunting. Adjustable trigger.

Things I would have changed: An alloy receiver and heavier barrel would be the logical upgrades - that would put this rifle up in the Sharp Tiger design range (high end Sharp rifle).

What others should know: This is an air-gunner's rifle, knowing its design parameters and proper use is the key to success. It can be very accurate with consistent slow loading pumps and pellet loading. The transfer port protrudes into breech that obstructs pellet - roll rifle to its side while closing bolt prevents pellet from jamming against transfer port. Uses any good rifle scope, no need for special recoil proof scope, try a 3x9 variable with wide mounts, no need to over tighten, no worries about scope creep. Never over pump this airgun, it has a pressure closed valve, over pumping will lock up the air valve on the FAC version. There is simply no need to over pump this rifle, it will easily exceeds 700 Fps (177) with 7 strokes. This is a moderately loud rifle because of the short barrel and higher velocities. Learn to live with it - its not a toy. With proper care and use this little rifle is a great at pest control and small game hunting at moderate ranges. Webley has brought the famous Innova rifle back from the grave and Pyramyd Air brought it to my doorstep !