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Customer Reviews by Brad from USA

Benjamin NP Limited Edition Air Rifle

Benjamin NP Limited Edition Air Rifle Air rifle
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By Brad from USA on 2014-07-14
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Things I liked: This review is based on my replacement rifle as the first was defective. Overall this gun is a tremendous value. I'd say it easily competes with break barrels in the $250-$300. The internals are the same as the Benjamin NPS or discontinued Remington NPSS which are a notch above those found in the Trail NP. It's a very smooth cocking gun with the lightest cocking of any gun in its class (my guess is low 30# range). The gun is light yet the recoil is very manageable. The shrouded barrel does make this a backyard friendly air rifle. The 40mm AO scope is very nice for an included scope and is well suited for this rifle. The trigger pull length can be adjusted and the break is reasonably clean and consistent. The stock is light and a good fit for smaller to medium shooters (more on these last 2 points in things I would change). Accuracy is as good as any breakbarrel I've shot but I did do a tune on mine before shooting. Rested 10 shot groups of 1/4" at 10yd and 1/2" at 20yd.

Things I would have changed: The stock geometry needs to be improved. The trigger is too far forward for comfortable shooting in all positions. Some positions are better than others but there is definitely room for improvement. I'd also increase the height of the cheek rest a bit and smooth out the under side foregrip section. The fit is just a touch tight at the breech which causes a slight rub during cocking. The trigger, while far superior to what comes on the Trail NP is in need of some work too. It's 1st stage pull is too long and the pull was close to 6 pounds! It actually hurt my hand after firing 200 pellets. The scope rail needs to be a weaver rail because the dovetail mount with vertical set screw is not able to handle the recoil properly. I realize this gun offers a ton for the money at its price but I would gladly pay 40 or 50 bucks more for these issues fixed. The trigger is the only thing I was able to fix using an $11 trigger kit that included a 2 pound spring, bushings and screw.

What others should know: It likes CP HollowPoints and domes, and Diabolo exact jumbo heavies (best groups). Predator Polymags do about as good as the CPs. Gun benefits from a tune and barrel cleaning as there seemed do be some grime in the barrel. Unlike most break barrels this barrel freely pivots when cocked and tightening the breech pivot bolt won't prevent this. This probably contributes to its light cocking effort. Check ebay for the NPSS trigger kit. I did get occasional flyers out of my groups until I tightened the barrel pivot bolt a bit. As for mounting the scope, make sure you tighten the vertical set pin so it seats fully and then fully tighten and loctite (medium red or blue)all the screws. The monoblock scope mount is nice but the vertical set pin isn't up to the job of limiting rear slide and proper mounting is essential to get the scope to hold zero. Even with this my scope slid 1mm rearward before it settled into it's place. It could really benefit from a weaver mount.