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Diana RWS 54 Air King

Diana RWS 54 Air King Air rifle
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4.0 4.0

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By bernard from USA on 2011-10-20
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Things I liked: I was shooting mine today, 1.125" group at 75yds. amazing! the anti-recoil system works, it's been said to be hard on scopes but i've had good luck with the better centerpoints. The cocking effort is not bad for a high powered magnum, I can shoot this thing all day. i have a .22 and had a tune job done, not sure it needed it but the FPS went up by 20 for an average of 780 FPS. Great gun and a pleasure to shoot.

Things I would have changed: I'm a lefty and it took a while to get my technique down for cocking and loading. a lefty version would be awesome. The front sight/muzzle brake is kind of chincy looking, seems to be the only cheap thing on the gun. the beech stock is nice but a walnut stock would be appropriate for the money you pay. though the trigger performs very well, it could be upgraded to metal considering the cost of the gun

What others should know: It's definitely hard on scopes so make sure you only buy an optic that's rated for heavy recoil airguns. And buy solid mounts. Don't use any rings with only one screw on each side. If you do it right with this gun, you'll find yourself shooting remarkable groups at distances you won't believe. Honest.