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Customer Reviews by Clinton from USA

AirForce Ultimate Condor PCP Air Rifle

AirForce Ultimate Condor PCP Air Rifle, Spin-Loc Air rifle
Review entered on 2010-12-27 18:57:34

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Clinton from USA on 2010-12-27
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5.01 rating

Things I liked: Outstanding air rifle. Shooting the Condor in .22 Caliber I am getting less than .5" groups at 50 yards. Anytime I can get under minute of angel I am happy. No recoil, so it is easy to stay on target.

Things I would have changed: It would be nice to have some sort of gauge that would tell you how much pressure is remaining. The safety is taking some time to get used to, it might be better if the safety was more like traditional .22s, Ruger for example. If these changes were at the cost of performance it wouldn't be worth it.

What others should know: For me only accurate guns are fun to shoot. This set up may seem expensive to some but it is well worth it, if you count the pleasure of shooting as being worth something.