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Customer Reviews by Denis from USA

Evanix AR6 Shrouded PCP Air Rifle

Evanix AR6 Shrouded PCP Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2010-06-14 17:59:10

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By Denis from USA on 2010-06-14
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Things I liked: Got Evanix AR6 Shrouded for about a week so far. The revolver action is fast to operate and for me was a selling point for this model (was looking for entry -level PCP such as bolt-action Marauder ). Very happy with the way this airgun works! Simple, sturdy, and functional design. Cylinder is long allowing loading heavy pellets and feels solid. Overall fit and finish are very nice. So far was shooting at half the max pressure 100 bar (1500 PSI), had 950FPS with 14.2 RWS Super-H-Point and 650FPS with Eun Jin 28.4gr. I checked the reviews for older model AR6 (with non-shrouded barrel), the common criticism was loudness. This model seems to address that. At half the pressure AR6 shoots 14gr at 950FPS thus delivering 2x more energy then Winchester 1000x in .177 (950FPS with 7-8 gr pellets) and it is less loud!

Things I would have changed: optional iron sights would be good. The way to adjust the power would help conserving the air in plinking / target shooting mode. Some indexing system such as numbers 1-6 on the cylinder would help keep track of pellets (however dry firing PCP is not nearly as bad as spring piston). The gun is a bit on heavy side (8.5lb) and front-heavy, but since additional weight went into shrouded barrel (compare to non-shrouded AR6 at 6.82lb), it is justifiable.

What others should know: 14.2 RWS Super-H-Point works well the AR6, fits cylinder nicely and expands at velocities even below 900 FPS, as tested on "ballistic lemons". Eun Jin 28.4gr fits good, delivers higher energy at lower velocities. Crosman Premier Hollowpoint 14.3 are too loose in the cylinder (love this pellet in other airguns)