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Walther PPQ / P99 Q CO2 pistol

Walther PPQ / P99 Q CO2 pistol Air gun
Review entered on 2012-12-03 19:55:18

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1.0 1.0

1.0 1.0

By Otis from USA on 2012-12-03
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Things I liked: This pistol is very authentic looking. I can see how police might think this is the real thing.

Things I would have changed: This weapon's rotary magazine constantly jams. I read about this problem in other posts so I spent $10.00 to have it checked out before shipment. I do not know how it passed PyramydAir's tests as I have not been unable to shoot more than four shots without it jamming.

What others should know: You should know that this PyramydAir tested, checked out pistol that was sent to me is junk. It is totally unreliable and not fun at all to shoot. I feel that I was ripped off. The trigger is a very long, hard pull. Very sloppy trigger.