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Customer Reviews by Scott from USA

Beeman R7 Air Rifle

Beeman R7 Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2008-10-02 15:01:07

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5.0 5.0

By Scott from USA on 2008-10-02
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Things I liked: It is very quiet and does not seem to draw attention of my neighbors, so I can practice in my backyard. Good weight, and a very nice appearance. I chose this rifle based on a website's report that it was the quietest rifle of those they tested. Of course, that means low power, and to be quiet, one must use ammo that does not emerge supersonic.

Things I would have changed: I had an inexpensive Centerpoint scope mounted on it and this works well, but after a few hundred shots the front sight (which comes with the rifle and was left on, does not interfere with the scope) fell off when I was cocking the gun, indicating that this loosens rather easily, as I have not been banging around in the brush with this rifle.

What others should know: I believe the HW30S has the same mechanism but a different stock, and costs less, but tends to be sold out even more than this one. The 'S' indicates that it has the reckord trigger, which everyone says is very desirable but I have not used the HW30 which lacks it. so hard for me to say. I can say the trigger action on the R7 seems flawless. I often find the first shot (after not shooting for more than an hour) tends to be off-target. Possibly this will decrease after break-in (of me and the rifle). I have been using Czech BSA Wolverine 8.44 gr domed and though I am not a particularly good marksman, I can keep these within one inch at 50 ft.