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Customer Reviews by Brett from Canada

Hill Hand Pump NLGI 2 Silicone Grease, 15G Tube

Hill Hand Pump NLGI 2 Silicone Grease, 15G Tube
Review entered on 2014-03-11 12:10:43

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By Brett from Canada on 2014-03-11
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Things I liked: Works very well for any high-pressure seal, o-rings for the Hill pump, FX seals and hat valves, that sort of thing. I have also used it on CO2 seals and valving when assembling my modded rifles. Superior to Pellgunoil for builds. This stuff also is good to apply (sparingly) on weather seals that ice up in winter - the ice will not stick to plastic or neoprene that has a film of this on it. Seems to work well for any sort of sliding contact. I would not use it for a load lubricant or rotating application like in a bearing itself - that won't work. It does not degrade ANY common o-ring materials - I've tested it on them all and saw no changes in the surface or dimensions of nitrile, HNBR, Viton, EPDM, or urethane o-rings. Ordinary rubber grommets are safe to use with this grease. DO NOT apply it to actual Silicone o-rings or gasket material - it WILL swell them and weaken the material. Replace any of those squishy silicone items with Viton (I always do) and you're good to go.

Things I would have changed: Reduce the price, of course. Well, that might never happen, but a 20 g container for lower cost would make a lot of sense. A little of this stuff does go a long way.

What others should know: Pyramid shipping to Canada is very good, I ordered items one Tuesday afternoon and they were shipped out the next day, the parcel arrived in Winnipeg MB on the following week - Tuesday morning! Great service.