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BKL 1-Pc Mount, 4" Long, 1" Rings, 3/8" or 11mm Dovetail, .007 Droop Compensation, Matte Black

BKL 1-Pc Mount, 4 inch Long, 1 inch Rings, 3/8 inch or 11mm Dovetail, .007 Droop Compensation, Matte Black
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4.0 4.0

By Asger from Denmark on 2012-04-24
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Things I liked: Sturdy quality, feels like the scope is locked rock solid in the mount.

What others should know: The free-hight for the scope's turret house is 1/10 of an inch. No more, my Nikko Stirling Nighteater has a 3mm house. Had to mill approx. 0.7mm off the top of the mount to fit the scope (so it was not resting on the turret house). But the mount is aluminimum so milling is no problem - but check your turret house clearence before buying if you do not want to mess with custom fitting. The product image is inverted - the screws and tapered holes are done from the right side of the mount. This means if you want to add bubble lever then it sits on the "wrong" side if you are a right hand shooter - again nothing that cannot be fixed by some custom work, but still.