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Customer Reviews by Mark from USA

Gamo MTS 1000 Moving Target System

Gamo MTS 1000 Moving Target System
Review entered on 2010-08-29 04:35:01

2.0 2.0

3.0 3.0

By Mark from USA on 2010-08-29
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Things I liked: It only looks good in the video ...

Things I would have changed: The result of the run way assembly is to flat and straight so you need to do quite a bit adjustment and you need to do it again after moving. The design of the runway is not good.

What others should know: It didn't work well: and it stopped at ends in case when the side pieces often run behind the middle piece. It stopped often when you hit the target close the ends. It didn't run as well as you see in the video.


Evanix AR6 Shrouded PCP Air Rifle

Evanix AR6 Shrouded PCP Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2010-10-12 03:14:17

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By Mark from USA on 2010-10-12
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Things I liked: I have this shrouded AR6 for a month and It is powerful and accurate.

Things I would have changed: With the design, no much can be changed. This is a gun designed to achieve high power, of course with high noise...Since it is mechanically cook when double action, semi-auto is almost not useful for hunting - maybe OK for target practice: very hard to trigger double action.

What others should know: One of the major reason I bought it was for lower noise. I was looking for a low noise gun for backyard and struggled between FX Monsoon and this shrouded AR6. I picked AR6 eventually. The fact was that "shrouded" (because of the high power - it is hard to shroud on 60 ft/lbs instead of 30 ft/lbs on Monsoon) AR6 is quite loud when firing at single action with pressure above 2500psi with ammo between 15g to 21g (I will say in this case its noise is at 3-Medium instead of 2-Low-Medium. Only when PSI get lower than 1200PSI at single action or under 2000PSI at double action will be at 2-Low-Medium). So I ended up with have to buy FX Monsoon toooooo. Well, I still like to keep AR6 as a collection for its power. Another thing you need to know is its magazine can not hold long pellets like "Skenco Heavy Long-Range" and "fat" pellets like "Gamo Raptor Power Pellets"