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Ruger Air Hawk Elite Combo

Ruger Air Hawk Elite Combo Air rifle
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By Val from USA on 2011-02-24
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Things I liked: The price - but as a wise man once said - the sweetness of a low price is forgotten after the bitterness of low quality remains. I'm sure there are "good" air rifles in this price range, but this ain't it. I was attracted by the "Ruger" name as I am a Ruger Firearms owner and their quality and workmanship is always excellent. This piece of garbage air rifle is made in China under license from Ruger and frankly, it not only has none of th etypical Ruger quality, it gives them a black eye. On the good side (once you pass on accuracy and lack of QC) is that this gun appears to be solidly-built and once tuned by a competent technician, *may* be a decent rifle. The wood and finish on the stock is nice (until you let it get services - see below) and the bluing isn't bad.

Things I would have changed: The Ruger name. It's misleading - making you *think* you're gonna get an air rifle that measures up to Ruger standards. The Quality Control - before it leaves the factory, they must not test it AT ALL. Mine had a barrel that didn't "lock up" properly, making it IMPOSSIBLE to fire a three-shot group under 18" - even from a bench rest. The scope also couldn't even be brought into alignment with the bore - possibly because of the defective barrel and possibly because it was just a bad scope and/or rings. The scope runs out of adjustment before you're on-target. The "service" from Umarex - the importer for this air rifle. Yes, there is a one-year warranty - but YOU mush pay shipping BOTH WAYS (about $50 total PLUS whatever you have to "spend" to build or buy a proper shipping box. Umarex does typical "warranty work" - replacing things that may not need to be replaced so they can kick back the expense to the manufacturer, and ignoring or sweeping the easy-to-fix problems under the rug in order to "sell" the expensive, money-making warranty fixes. When returning the rifle, they packed it poorly - resulting in the gun shifting around inside the box, scratching the stock up. What was a new but defective gun became a "used" gun thanks to the meatheads at Umarex. The automatic safety is a pain. Safeties have a place and that place is under the total control of the shooter. Having an "automatic" one is like having somebody who doesn't talk to you playing with the gun.

What others should know: Aside from carrying products imported and "supported" by Umarex, Pyramid Air is NOT to blame for this fiasco of an air rifle. They were as helpful as their policies allow when directing me to Umarex and further disappointment. Their price was good and the shipping was OK. Telephone support was fast and accurate. Umarex has forever earned a bad name with me. I will NEVER buy another air rifle that Umarex has anything to do with. They've screwed me over, lied to me, charged me to have a "new" under-warranty gun repaired, didn't solve the problem (the gun STILL has problems - probably the scope/pairing) and they damaged the gun in the process. This gun is disappointing all around. The thrill of a new toy, the let-down that it doesn't work as it should, the cost and trouble of sending it back, the cost of GETTING it back to you, the LIES from Umarex, the fact that is STILL has problems. Pass on this rifle. Save yourself a LOT of disappointment and running around. Spend a few buck more on a quality air rifle - or - at least one thet Umarex has nothing to do with. Finally - I was prompted to write this review because of an e-mail from Pyramid Air asking "Think Dealers Lie? Owners don't!" and saying that you can rely on the review on their web site. I see a disclaimer that basically says my review will never see the light of day if I say something "wrong" - If that is the case, I HOPE Pyramid Air will take this opportunity to contact me to make me change my opinion!