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Hatsan 125 Sniper Air Rifle Combo, Camo

Hatsan 125 Sniper Air Rifle Combo, Camo Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-03-02 15:59:07

2.0 2.0

2.0 2.0

2.0 2.0

By RONALD from USA on 2012-03-02
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Things I liked: Fills like a solid rifle and I believe the power is as described.

Things I would have changed: Trigger does not live up to claims. It does not seem to matter where you set the screws on the trigger there is very little change on the lbs of of pull. The trigger seems to be set around 4lbs and I could not get it to change. The screw was already turned all the way clockwise when I got the rifle( as much reduced pull as possible). Unscrewing the screw which should cause a higher pull does not seem to do so. Screwing it back in all way makes no difference either. Same thing with stage 1 pull screw. I am shooting Beemen Kodiaks, which have worked very well for me in the past in other air rifles, which only provides a 1.5 inch grouping at 10 yds so not very accurate. At 10 yds with my other air rifles I have groupings smaller than a dime.

What others should know: I have not had the rifle out side for further yardage shooting but disappointed in accuracy at 10 yds. Even with the claimed recoil suppressor the gun kicks like most of the piston rifles I have shot before. I took the scope stop block off so I could move the scope mount to the very back of scope rail. Even with mount screws tighten very tightly the scope mounts slip because of the recoil. I had to put the scope block back. FYI, I am using a much more expense scope than the one that came with the gun.