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Diana RWS 34 Striker Combo, TO6 Trigger

Diana RWS 34 Striker Combo, TO6 Trigger Air rifle
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By Chuckchuck from USA on 2013-11-20
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Things I liked: Nice finish on metal parts, good feel and a fun shooter. The trigger is very nice but when making any adjustments you have to realize a little bit goes a *long* way. Breaking it in is a long process. At about 800 rounds I figure I'm about half way there.

Things I would have changed: Quality control. There were/are some problems. The pivot pin on the barrel was way to tight, the compression chamber seemed to be completely dry and the chamfer on the breech is about 20 degrees off center and requires pellet seating to avoid deforming the pellet skirt when closing up the barrel. I've read/seen other reviews with similar problems regarding lube and cocking issues. I realized when I bought it that I was paying for reputation, but if RWS/Diana wants to maintain that rep, they should probably pay a little more attention to QC. These issues are why I docked two stars from my overall rating and value. I still like my new rifle tho' and it's getting better as it breaks in.

What others should know: Years ago I had an RWS 45 that I could hit anything with. The '45 is now long gone and for years I've been wanting to replace it. Now that I have a little bit of time and a little bit of money (but now unfortunately getting old) I decided to get the contemporary version of it. My order was processed and delivered quickly and packaged safely. Beautiful finish on wood and metal parts. The plastic parts are not "plasticky" and the fit of all the components looked pretty good. Shooting the rifle, at first, was disappointing. I couldn't hold a group at all and the cocking was stiff and difficult to snap back into the battery position. I figured I was still breaking the thing in. After about 300 pellets or so I noticed that during the cocking cycle I started hearing a noise that sounded like a goose with asthma. Also, on closer inspection I noticed that the chamfer on the breech was off center and when the barrel is closed up it damaged the skirt. About 6 drops of chamber oil (2 at a time to prevent/reduce dieseling) banished the goose and I 'de-torqued' the pivot screw just a tad to free up the barrel. I've also added a seating step to the routine to avoid damaging the pellet skirt when closing it up. Now, after close to 800 rounds through it, the rifle and I are much better. The cocking is much smoother and shots are more consistent. But it's still just breaking in. This springer requires discipline! It's very sensitive to how it's held and consistency of your loading cycle.