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UTG 3-9x40 AO Rifle Scope, Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 1" Tube, See-Thru Max Strength Twist Lock Weaver Rings

Leapers UTG 3-9x40 AO Rifle Scope, Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 1 inch Tube, See-Thru Max Strength Twist Lock Weaver Rings
Review entered on 2011-12-24 14:07:18

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4.0 4.0

By Anonymous from USA on 2011-12-24
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Things I liked: more features compared to other scopes in this price range

Things I would have changed: i hate that you have to carry a tool around to make adjustments in the field (i guess you could always leave zero lock unscrewed). the front flip cap gets in the way when you adjust the ao, you can't fully turn it to full lock if the caps are open, so you have to take the whole cap off to get to full rotation on either side. the site picture is really small compared to other scopes i've used, it looks like you're looking down a long tube with a small hole at the end. ultimately i had to return it because the crappy defective utg rings i bought left ugly gouge marks on the scope and it was deep down to bare metal.

What others should know: like some others have already said, the ir splashes light all over the rear site bell at full illumination. too bad they couldn't find a way to light just the crosshair. the scope is made in china, i thought i was buying a usa made scope because some other web reviews said that leapers were american made, guess not on this model.


UTG Leapers Premium 1" Rings, High, Weaver Mount, See-Thru

UTG Leapers Premium 1 inch Rings, High, Weaver Mount, See-Thru
Review entered on 2012-01-09 19:44:00

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1.0 1.0

By Anonymous from USA on 2012-01-09
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Things I liked: at least they look nice

Things I would have changed: The see-thru feature is useless, you can only see the sights if you left the scope off the rings, the front objective block the viewing tunnel so it defeats the purpose of having see-thru rings.

What others should know: These rings are cheaply made and not the best quality as the first set of rings damaged my scope's finish. They were machined out of round so that when I torqued the screws to the factory recommended 15in/lb with my torque wrench, they gouged off the finish on the right side of the scope (on both the front and back ring locations). I sent these back and asked PA for a refund but they sent me another set instead, so you can imagine how upset I am that not only will I have lost $8.50 to send back the damaged scope and rings, I'll have to risk damaging the new replacement scope again with these crappy rings. The replacement rings are almost as bad as the first ones, I didn't torque them to the recommended 15in/lb because I didn't want to risk distorting the rings and damaging the finish again. So I torqued it to 10in/lb and the damn scope keeps creeping back in the rings and it's rotating due to the sever recoil and twisting of my Ruger Air Magnum. I tried to torque the horizontal Weaver rail screws to the recommended 35in/lb and it bent the crap out of the screw on one of the rings, but the other ring screw is fine at that torque, so one screw was definitely not properly heat treated. Mind you, I didn't use a ft/lb wrench divided by 12, I used a dedicated in/lb wrench so the torque I set was very exact. These rings are absolutely useless and I definitely would not use the recommended factory torque settings as you'll probably damage your scope or the rings. Better yet, just spend a bit more and buy better quality rings instead. I wish PA would have refunded my money (and covered the return shipping) so I could have bought better mount instead, now I'm stuck with these useless pieces of junk as I'm not going to spend more money sending these back again. These rings are not worth the money I paid, and I wish I could have given these a ZERO stars if it was possible.