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Crosman Premier Super Point .177 Cal, 7.9 Grains, Pointed, 500ct

Crosman Premier Super Point .177 Cal, 7.9 Grains, Pointed, 500ct
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By Lester from USA on 2012-04-04
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Things I liked: Hard hitting. I open the tin and examined the pellets,they look good and the design was different,I like it.The front band dia. measured .002" over the bore dia. and the skirt .005" over the bore. The skirt is thin and will comform to the bore with no problem. The front band is approx. .050" wide and .002" over the bore dia. and solid lead,This is what will make this pellet fun loading.

Things I would have changed: The tooling were the parting line is on the pellet. This area is what makes the pellet hard loading. I pulled my mod 1377 out of the case and drop a pellet in the breach, loading was very hard, pushing the pellet last 1/4" into the bore pass the air port I had to use the palm of my hand on the bolt arm, I was afraid I would bend the extend probe off my bolt trying to force the pellet into the bore,I must of wanted to shoot this pellet real bad, but with some effort it load O.K.. I shot 3 round groups at about 50' at a target on a pine tree, I liked the hard hit of the pellet into the pine. I checked the groups they were hitting at about 3/8" apart but every now and then I would get one that had a mind of its own and go off by 1" or more,I shot from a rest and I know that I didn't pull any of my shots. The inaccuracy could be to the tight fit of the pellet.

What others should know: I'm surprised that Crosman has not addressed these issues and pulled this product off the market to protect the Premier product line or make corrections to this product to make it right.I may be full of it but if they moved the parting line on the front of the pellet to the back of that .050" band and put a negative draft angle of 1/2 degree per side to the front of the pellet on the band. This will resolve the loading issue and the accuracy, but that would have to be tested. I think Crosman can check ballistics.If crosman fixed this pellet I would buy it.