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Crosman 0423 Laser Sight, Weaver Mount

Crosman 0423 Laser Sight, Weaver Mount
Review entered on 2012-09-01 13:55:08

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By Derick from USA on 2012-09-01
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Things I liked: Great mounting for weaver rail, not sure what everyone is complaining about there. It's nice and compact, as well as ambidextrous. I like that it fits on my crosman tac r71 despite the r71 trying it's best not to let anything onto it's rail. Points perfectly over the front sight w/ enough space to not obstruct my scope that sits right behind it. On the bright side, it still looks cool sitting on my gun.

Things I would have changed: It doesn't actually work. The batteries have to be sitting PERFECTLY inside the pointer for it to work. The slightest movement in anyway kills it. I've tried making several adjustments myself(nothing too complicated, ofc) but I still cant get it to work long enough to even adjust the positioning(the problem most people seem to have with it) >.< $20 wasted. Cool. :P

What others should know: Don't buy this product, lol. I've heard that replacing the stock batteries will allow it to work, however they're not exactly inexpencive batteries. They're the flat kind that fit into most lasers and sometimes watches. Not even sure where to find these. As well as the battery issue, further online reviews come up showing people often have problems adjusting the dot. I couldn't say much for this personally, as I can't even get it to turn on. You should honestly just spoil yourself and get a working laser.