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AirForce LS-1 Laser, Waterproof & Shockproof

AirForce LS-1 Laser, Waterproof & Shockproof
Review entered on 2012-10-07 19:28:32

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By Brian from USA on 2012-10-07
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Things I liked: compact & easy to install. x, y, lock screws are knurled and accept standard screwdriver blade. Elastic band with velcro patch for attaching remote pressure switch to AF pistol grip. It sits low enough to not interfere with the stock AF 50mm scope.

Things I would have changed: The x, y and lock screws all change both x & y laser position. If you want a general pointer this is ok. Adjustments are continuous (no clicks). If you want to set a precise aimpoint it is very frustrating. A true, isolated, MOA click adjust on x & y would be a big improvement and is available on lasers comparably priced (though larger). The dovetail mount is single piece, so you have to slide it on front of the dovetail (and off if you want to remove anything else on the dovetail behind it). Having a removable piece so it can be put on/taken off without sliding to end of dovetail would be nice.

What others should know: You'll drive yourself nuts trying to accurately zero this laser by adjusting/shooting because of the way the x, y and lock screws affect each other. Instead zero you scope first, determine where zero should be for the laser relative to the scope, and adjust the laser based on where the spot falls when looking through the scope. Took me about 30 minutes of tweaking to get the (locked) spot to fall at the right location. Center of laser is 1.5" above center of AF barrel.