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Customer Reviews by Charlie from USA

Gamo Whisper Air Rifle Combo

Gamo Whisper Air Rifle Combo Air rifle
Review entered on 2009-07-08 18:14:14

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By Charlie from USA on 2009-07-08
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Things I liked: The scope and iron sites on this rifle are the best! The stock and trigger are worth the money. I like the .22 cal version and will never go back to .177. The recoil pad is compfortable and loading of the break barrel is simple enough to where my youngster can handle it. Big advantage to this rifle is weight. Its heavy enough to place on a rest and get good aim while being light enough to carry around for several hours of squirrel hunting.

Things I would have changed: Order with or install the gas spring! Recoil is a major factor on this gun especially with .22 cal. Warn the user in the instruction set when cleaning the gun to avoid disturbing the silencer. The plastic arrangement on the end of the barrel can trap debris and cloth after a good barrel scrub. You have to look down the barrel when done to ensure no strands of cloth or patch are in the way. if they are, you pellet will be drastically effected for accuracy. A clean rifle is and accurate rifle. Gammo needs to stress this in their documentation. Somebody needs to come up with a special that includes cleaning equipment for the rifle. Accuracy depends on clean rifling.

What others should know: Be sure to follow the scope set up instructions. I did not set the recoils screws and paid the price with "scope creep" It took me 150 rounds to finally realize the recoil was causing the scope to creep back. The rifle is very accurate and windage adjustments are rarley encountered. Elevation adjustments are still in question. If I fire within 30 yards of a target no problem. Beyond that Im still having issues of hold over. This may be due to cleaning but still not sure.

Plano Green Camo Shooters Case - Large

Plano Green Camo Shooters Case - Large
Review entered on 2012-05-15 18:37:34

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By Charlie from USA on 2012-05-15
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Things I liked: The size is nice if you like to pack lots of material into this box. I placed several weapons and ammo needed on my outting and was satisfied with the ability to carry.

Things I would have changed: Reienforce the walls of the case with thick plastic. Need much better way to plant the rifle holders for cleaning. The original holders were not provided when I first ordered however this vendor shipped in several days to make sure I had them. Plano needs to improve the design of the box to accomodate serious shooters and cleaning their weapons.

What others should know: I am dissapointed with design and materials on this box. It seems flimsy and the V mounts for the weapon are not intuitive. I had to fumble with them for a while in effort to make it available for clearning the weapon.