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Hill Pump MK3, Up to 3300 PSI

Hill Pump MK3, Up to 3300 PSI
Review entered on 2013-05-15 08:57:29

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By Clarence from USA on 2013-05-15
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Things I liked: This pump exceeds my expectation. I use it to fill my paintball 3000psi tanks. From completely empty to full it takes 100-150 pumps and about 5-10min. The pumping is not difficult and the pump does not over heat like the pumps shown on the internet reviews. Having the capability to manually fill a tank is awesome and will pay for itself over time.

Things I would have changed: Just continue to improve the product, more volume per pump at the same are cheaper price point.

What others should know: If you use it to fill a paintball tank purchase the proper hose attachment / adapter to interface with your tank. They sell them to.