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TSD Tactical Series SD700 - Black

TSD Tactical Series SD700 - Black Airsoft gun
Review entered on 2010-07-27 13:13:30

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By daci.vinizaod from USA on 2010-07-27
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Things I liked: This airsoft sniper rifle is accurate, powerful, and cheap. It feels solid to hold and looks pretty intimidating. Once you have a scope mounted you are ready to dominate airsoft wars from long range.

Things I would have changed: Cheap is a double edged sword. Although the gun shoots very well, you get what you pay for in terms of workmanship and quality. I have had my gun for about a month now and have had two major issues so far. The first was that both of the magazines that came with the gun had issues. One of them just won't feed the last ~10 bbs in it, reducing its effective mag size. The other one fires without problems but is very hard to detach from the gun. It's possible to get it out by propping it out using an allen wrench but fumbling to get a small tool out of my pocket is the last thing I want to do while under fire from AEGs. The other issue I've had was about a week ago the front bolt holding the strap attachment on snapped off while I was carrying the gun on my back. I am now unable to use the strap with the gun and the front rail is unceremoniously held on by a small piece of duct tape.

What others should know: This gun is a great value but the price comes with bothersome quirks. If I could redo my purchase I would pay more for a better made airsoft gun of the same type, but this is still a good purchase for anyone looking for a great airsoft sniper on a budget.