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Customer Reviews by Michael from USA

Crosman Nitro Venom Air Rifle

Crosman Nitro Venom Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2013-06-22 21:24:57

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Michael from USA on 2013-06-22
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Things I liked: First off the weapon .22 cal. is heavy compared to my Gamo Whisper .177. The noise level is slightly louder than the Whisper, but not by much. The rifle is very accurate, I used a rifle rest at 20 yards to zero the scope and it is dead on accurate. It took me about 10 rounds of Crosman hollow points to zero the rifle. The scope it came with is sufficient with that distance and I would say the scope will be just as good at greater distances as well. To cock the weapon is somewhat hard you literally have to slap the barrel to open it. My arm gets fatigued after about twenty rounds. Overall the weapon is easy on the eyes and shoots very well. I hope the cocking becomes easier as the rifle breaks in. The trigger for me is not bad at all, but that is just me. I don't think anyone would be disappointed if they should purchase it. Good job Crosman.

Things I would have changed: Nothing

What others should know: Nothing