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Smith & Wesson Tactical Duty Airsoft Kit

Smith &  Wesson Smith & Wesson Tactical Duty Airsoft Kit Airsoft gun
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By Daniel from USA on 2012-08-03
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Things I liked: The combo pack didn't offer much to lose for 20 bucks (plus s&h 10$) so I decided to jump on the offer just because it was so cheap but as they say you get what you pay for.. about things I liked. First off I like how you can hold the trigger on the shotgun and just keeping pumping one bb down range (about 30 ft accurately) or you can pump multiple times and shoot a spread of bbs down range you can pump up to 5 in the gun but you won't shoot but 10 ft its more effective with only 2 or 3 bbs pumped at a time they still fly together more or less and about the same distance as a single shot would. So that is nice you get some functionality of a shotgun weapon from this cheap knockoff

Things I would have changed: The extra mag that came with this shotgun is bogus it has to be physically dropped and held a certain way to reload this takes way too much time even considering if you were to use this during a small skirmish the other mag it came with at least sported a wind up reel so you wouldn't have to take your mag out for a reload once your bbs que is used up. The sight that came with this gun was a waste of peoples time and plastic in general it does absolutely nothing... No it doesn't even look cool on the gun straight garbage it doesn't even have a drawn dot on it really... It's just a piece of crap. As I said the other shotgun mag is also a piece of crap whoever needs to drop clip to reload the que of bbs like that in battle is a dead man. Haha and I haven't even gotten to the pistol it came with. Sadly I can't comment on its power even as a spring pistol which sucks because I am a fan of the crosman stinger spring pistol. But the spring that helps feeds the bbs into the pistol was already sideways half falling out of the pistols mag when I got it so it doesn't not cycle luckily this broken spring is only part of the magazine and i think buying a new mag would fix this problem. But would I want to? I don't think I'm willing to drop even 10 bucks on this pistol. The whole kit in all was really a let down and i wasn't expecting all top notch gear for this 20 dollar package but regardless or weapon material plastic or metal these guns don't perform

What others should know: Don't be expecting a kill streak from these guns its more a small skirmish where everyone would have spring pistols and guns that you might actually get some real use from these weapon systems