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Customer Reviews by janet from USA

Dragon Claw Dual Tank Air Rifle

Seneca Dragon Claw 500cc Air Rifle Air gun
Review entered on 2017-05-09 12:40:49

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By janet from USA on 2017-05-09
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Things I liked: Love this air rifle. In fact I love it so much this is my second one since the first was taken in a home robbery. The rifle itself is well made and just a beauty to look at. The fit is excellent and detailed. Right out of the box it shot nearly dead on with the open sights. It maintained its power level better then the reviews suggested it with. I've put every type of air venturi pellet thru it they make. I like the hollow point but for general damage and destruction nothing beats the round ball. Alot of friends have shot it. Its been a eye opener for several retired sheriffs deputies locally as well as a couple hunters. It far exceeded their expectations and preconceptions.

Things I would have changed: Make the rear sight easity removable. It interferes with mounting a scope. Also some way of conveniently mounting a gun sling to it would be outstanding. This is not a light rifle and a sling is a must for toteing it into the woods to hunt. Someone Please make a decent foot pump instead of the bicycle style .. Lets use body weight to pump this beast up instead of arm muscles. It would make it much more female friendly

What others should know: This IS NOT a toy... this rifle will take down anything you shoot it at. Period. Deer, Hog, Coyote are not outside its scope. 2 inch oak boards crack in half at 40 yards from a strike with the round ball. Invest in a good pump, your going to be using it, it does take a bit of muscle to get it pumped to 200 bar. the air tank is great if your going to be shooting at the range, but not really practicle to carry with you else where.