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Customer Reviews by Robert from USA

Benjamin CO2 Fill Adapter, Fits Discovery & Challenger

Benjamin CO2 Fill Adapter, Fits Discovery & Challenger
Review entered on 2013-02-28 03:26:54

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By Robert from USA on 2013-02-28
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Things I liked: Simple to use... Worked reasonably well for the first three fills, then sprung a leak at the hose connection... Hopefully a rare defect. I''ll get another and see how it goes.

Things I would have changed: Lower the price. Add three inches to the hose. Add a blender screw, hose is too short to unscrew the bottle while attached to the gun rendering the bleed hole useless. A gage would be nice. Threads are a tad course as well.

What others should know: Wrap a rag around the connector when removing to protect your gun from scratches as the quick connector "POPS-OFF"... Not a big deal, but I learned the hard way.