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Customer Reviews by Matthew from USA

Walther PPK/S Black BB gun

Walther PPK/S Black BB gun Air gun
Review entered on 2010-07-27 15:47:24

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By Matthew from USA on 2010-07-27
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Things I liked: Solid construction, 99% metal. Realistic feel, weight and appearance. Sharp, hard blowback that provides a very realistic recoil similar to some of my .22 handguns A fairly light and realistic feeling trigger pull, smooth and much nicer than the trigger on most co2 handguns. A very nice looking and well constructed co2 handgun particularly for the price.

Things I would have changed: Higher FPS would be nice, but hard to do with a short barrel, except for polishing the cylinder or something. Fold up or screwdriver operated peircing knob to increase realism. Short of fps and accuracy there isn't much else I would change

What others should know: This isn't a tack driver or high powered gun. Know that from the start. That aside, however, it is a well built and VERY realistic and fun airgun. I have seen alot of people on youtube and other places putting this gun down because of it's accuracy and power but if you don't buy this expecting a 400fps competetion gun, I think you will be quite pleased. I own quite a few firearms, a ppk included and a bought this to keep up my grip and trigger practice without spending the money for cartridge ammo and for that it functions perfectly. I am very pleased with this gun and it is a a great deal of fun to shoot. Sometimes I catch myself being a bit surprised when I pull the trigger and don't hear the report of my firearm, it feels that much like the real thing. Another advantage of this for real ppk owners is that spend enough trigger time with this airgun, then jump on your firearm ppk and you will notice you don't anticipate the report and recoil when you fire your weapon. Works great to help with technique if you are a flincher when using a firearm. I would recommend this for anyone who wants a fun, ralistic plinker, anyone who owns a cartridge ppk and wants cheaper trigger time, or anyone lloking to teach a youngster the basic of handling a semi automatic weapon. Overall a great buy that I am very pleased with and is well worth the money. Thank you Pyramyd Air!


Umarex Steel Storm CO2 Gun

Umarex Steel Storm CO2 Gun Air gun
Review entered on 2010-08-04 14:59:37

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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Matthew from USA on 2010-08-04
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Things I liked: This gun is beyond awesome. As a fan of airsofting I had assumed that I would enjoy this but it wouldn't be much different from my AEG's I was wrong. This gun is a blast to shoot, on six rnd burst the rate of fire seems faster than my ICS m4 modified. The sound of this gun on burst is nothing short of addictive, it is fairly loud for a co2 gun to start with add to that auto fire and your smile just gets bigger. Turns cans to shredded hunks effortlessly. Even though I have gotten used to firing full auto replica guns through airsofting this bb guns still was new and exciting for me. Another thing I was suprised about was accuracy. For a smoothbore BB gun, this thing is VERY accurate, even with 6 rounds burst kicked in. I can easily put all 6 bb's of a burst in the same can at 20-25 feet on a fresh co2 clip. This is better than most semi auto bb pistols I have and as good my rifled barrel pellet rifles when I fire bb's through them. Once I get the bulk air conversion from JimC Innovations somehow, this thing will be impossible to put down. Buy it now! In fact buy two! I'm considering a second one myself!

Things I would have changed: A longer barrel out front with a shroud (in process of making one myself), alos a folding/retractable stock would be nice (also in the process of making myself) Aside from that...nothing really.

What others should know: Buy co2 in me. On a per round basis, this actually does good on gas, however on auto with 6 rounds per second, even the most conservative of co2 guns will devour the gas. A red dot is practically a must. I am glad I bought mine the same time I got the gun, really helps dial it in.