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Diana RWS 48 Striker Combo, TO6 Trigger

Diana RWS 48 Striker Combo, TO6 Trigger Air rifle
Review entered on 2011-01-06 11:16:27

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Samuel from USA on 2011-01-06
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Things I liked: This rifle is accurate and very powerful. Fit and finish is great with nice consistency on the bluing and stock finish. Crosman Premiers come at 844fps (I was blessed by God on this one) of that nice accurate barrel. This new Model 48's from PyramidAir come with the T06 METAL trigger which makes this already good rifle even better!!! (Watch Paul Capellos video review for more info!!)(He reviewed the rifle with the T05 and still was good, T06 is even better, get it from pyramid air to get the T06!!)

Things I would have changed: Not much, maybe a shroud that also helps to silence it a bit and a better fitting spring guide (most of the noise is mechanical anyways). It is very good out of the box already.

What others should know: My first impression was that the gun was heavy, but I got used to it in just a couple of days and it may help with the stability. This is a quality German airgun and is backed by a great warranty. After a couple of thousand shots you can change the spring, guides and seals, button the compression tube and piston, deburr, re-lube, etc. and make it even better shooting and a lot smoother, but it initially doesn't need it. It may never be needed unless you break a spring or have erratic shooting behavior. In that case, go for it, you won't regret it!!! (Maccari VRT or Vortek PG2 is the way to go!!) Initially PyramidAir sent the rifle with a 4x32 scope and I called to see what I could do to get the 3-9x32 that I was supposed to get and they kindly sent me the right one shipped fast and got the 4x32 for mine to keep!! THANK YOU PYRAMID AIR!!