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Benjamin HB22

Benjamin HB22 Air gun
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By Peter from USA on 2011-09-10
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Things I liked: This is metal and wood. No plastic. Nicely made, nice feel to it.

Things I would have changed: Trigger is a sort of rough stamped piece, not great. The trigger function does not compare well with guns from the same maker at a similar price point (in particular, the 392 rifle).

What others should know: My first air gun is a benjamin 392 that I bought at a local sporting goods store mostly because my wife was mad at the squirrels eating the garden. I found I enjoyed the challenge of shooting. I bought the pistol since I expected similar quality and workmanship that I enjoyed in the 392. Similar metal and wood construction, but I am disappointed in the construction and function of the trigger. Function wise, it is rough, catches and jumps despite my best effort at a "smooth squeeze". Construction, it is cheaply stamped metal and roll pins throughout. (I took it apart). Contrast with the 392 with its very very smooth pull. (I did not take apart my 392, yet). Accuracy. I had a hard time hitting things with the pistol vs the rifle. After making a "holder" for both I think that their accuracy limit is about a 2 or 3 inch circle at 10yds for the pistol, and a 2 or 3 inch circle for the rifle at 25yds. This is with benjamin discovery pellets. I dont know if this is good or bad, but I cannot see well enough to shoot better than that anyway, at least not with the stock site on the pistol, and the williams peep site on the rifle. So no reasonable complaints about the accuracy of this gun, but I will likely spend more in the future to get something better.