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RWS Super-H-Point .22 Cal, 14.2 Grains, Hollowpoint, 200ct

RWS Super-H-Point .22 Cal, 14.2 Grains, Hollowpoint, 200ct
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By John from USA on 2013-05-30
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Things I liked: Shoot to the same point of impact as the JSB Exact 15.89gr pellets in my Daystate Air Wolf MCT. Ideally suited for small pests (mice, rats, starlings, sparrows, pigeons) when overpenetration or restricted range is desireable, e.g., in suburban settings.

Things I would have changed: These are probably TOO expanding for larger varmints, like crows. I hit a crow with one of these at around 25 yards, with a high chest shot... watched the pellet hit through my 20x scope. The crow was stunned for several seconds, then recovered after about 30 seconds and managed to fly off, although I believe it died after a couple hundred yards (flew out of sight, heard a huge crow ruckus in that direction less than a minute later). A similar hit with a JSB Exact would have anchored the crow (has, in the past). A close examination of the spot where the crow was shot showed several underfeathers, no blood (no exit wound). On these larger, tougher critters, a through-and-through hole is necessary to anchor them... ideally breaking bone or the offside wing on the way out. Interestingly, the .177 caliber Super H-Points WILL fully penetrate a crow at the same distance, and disable it quickly even if no bones are struck. Yet again, the domes are more accurate in that caliber, and kill as well or better on large varmints.

What others should know: Not as accurate as the domed pellets... more than a half-inch groups at 25 yards, compared to one hole with the JSB Exacts. I'll use them for starlings and English Sparrows, in either .177 or .22, at closer ranges or where overtravel or overpenetration is a concern, but will stick to the Exacts for most hunting and especially on crows.