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Walther CP99 Compact BB gun with Laser

Walther CP99 Compact BB gun with Laser Air gun
Review entered on 2010-01-09 10:39:11

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By tsmgguy from USA on 2010-01-09
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Things I liked: This is a wonderfully rendered reproduction of the Walther P99 Compact. It has the proper weight and heft and points beautifully, just like the original. Overall quality is superb. The laser sighting device is easily zeroed, and easily removed and reinstalled. The gun shoots with real "punch!'

Things I would have changed: Past about 10-20 feet, accuracy is downright poor, with each BB curving off (way off!) the line of sight. This pistol's larger brother, the CP99, is (in comparison) a serious piece of weaponry, shooting pellets very accurately through a rifled barrel. The CP99 does give up some of the handiness of the Compact, having a long trigger pull and only an eight round capacity.

What others should know: Value for the money is excellent! Especially nice is the trigger and blowback action, making the pistol behave very much like the original. I have to highly recommend this one!

Walther P99 FS Green Gas Pistol

Walther P99 FS Green Gas Pistol Airsoft gun
Review entered on 2012-05-24 15:17:02

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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By tsmgguy from USA on 2012-05-24
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Things I liked: This is the finest airsoft pistol that I have ever encountered. It uses gren gas (instead of hfc 134) and so has excellent power. Having a fixed slide, it uses far less gas than most GBBs, so you can generally fire two full magazines before recharging with gas. All markings and trademarks are present and all details are extremely realistic. The pistol is light, but still has a nice heft with the magazine inserted. The trigger features a long DAO style pull, but it's light and very controllable, as well as very fast. The rear sight is easily adjustable for windage. Hop-up is adjustable as well but you'll need a very small screwdriver for this. Accuracy is just superb, the best I've ever encountered in an airsoft pistol. The slide release and decocker are dummies, serving no function, but they look just right. What is the disassembly catch on the "real" P99 is the safety on this replica. It slides back and forth slightly, protruding from the frame when the pistol is on "safe". I seldom use this feature, but it locks the trigger and works very well.

Things I would have changed: Nothing! This is the best 6mm airsoft pistol out there!

What others should know: This pistol should be your very first choice!