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Beeman Elite X2 Dual-Caliber, RS3 Trigger

Beeman Elite X2 Dual-Caliber, RS3 Trigger Air rifle
Review entered on 2008-06-22 03:32:22

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By sledneck from USA on 2008-06-22
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Things I liked: Easy sighting-in.Took about 20 shots at 30 yards and so far after 100's of rounds still on target. 1" grouping @ 30 yards. Very nice scope, especially for a air rifle. The best price for two calibers in one rifle

Things I would have changed: Safety placement in the trigger guard isn't the best place for me as I would place it where most safety's are on most other rifles. Slightly higher scope rings as the scope cover does not fit properly between the scope and barrel without notching out the front scope cover.

What others should know: After hours of research the following is what made me purchase this particular gun over the rest: I have had many air guns and so far this has the biggest "bang" for the buck. We live in the mountains and have many predators to deal with and so far it has taken care of everything we have hit including a pesky fox. For the price you get many extras and options that many other manufactures do not offer. You can spend more money on a pellet gun than a actual high powered rifle.Remember,it still just a pellet gun no matter if you spend a $100 or a 1,000. I tried to justify to purchase a higher dollar rifle(got to have the best toy) and couldn't find any reason to do so. This includes all the ratings,comments and options from many other distributors and manufacture sites. Use Loctite on all ring mounting screws,this will save many troubles on keeping it sighted in. I hope this helps.