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Daisy Match Grade Avanti Champion 499

Daisy Match Grade Avanti Champion 499 Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-07-03 14:35:43

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4.0 4.0

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By William from USA on 2012-07-03
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Things I liked: If you want to go through the NRA 4 Position Rifle Qualification using a BB Gun, this is the gun you must have and the only one I'm aware of that complies with the NRA regs and has the needed accuracy in this category. Without question, the most accurate smooth bore BB Gun available. Very good Sights, even if a few plastic pieces. Cocking and Trigger smooth as silk. Good robust stock, added weight for added stability and better ergonomics.

Things I would have changed: It's a little pricy at $125 for a spring smooth bore bb gun, but then again, the accuracy improvement over the Red Ryder is dramatic...the Red Ryder does not have the accuracy to Qualify Distinguished Expert (or even Expert)on NRA 4 Position but the Daisy Avanti 499 absolutely does. Out the box I'm hitting all black all the time on NRA reg 5 meter targets. Daisy should include instructions on mounting sling (sling is included).

What others should know: The First 499 arrived with a severly bent barrel. No fault of Pyramid, gun was inside factory box with no impact marks...must have left factory that way. Called Pyramid, they immediately stood behind the product and quickly sent me a replacement, and they tested the replacement prior to sending to insure was not a lemon. I WAS NOT AWARE BUT PYRAMID WILL TEST GUN PRIOR TO SHIPPING FOR A VERY REASONABLE FEE OF $10...I WILL USE THIS FEATURE EVERYTIME GOING FORWARD. Excellent customer service and selection, I will return to Pyramid for my next purchase (coming soon as soon as I complete Distinguished Expert!...will move on to Air Pistol).