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Shooting Chrony Alpha Master Chronograph, Red

Shooting Chrony Alpha Master Chronograph, Red
Review entered on 2012-04-02 23:34:47

1.0 1.0

1.0 1.0

By Greg from USA on 2012-04-02
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Things I liked: Nothing - doesn't work at all.

Things I would have changed: Make it work - and stop selling it until it does.

What others should know: I am calling PA tomorrow to get a refund on this junk. The unit I received flat did not work at all under any lighting conditions. I was only able to get the chrony to register velocity a few times by putting a large piece of white legal paper over the entire unit in bright sun - but the paper would blow off at the slightest wind. I tried it on sunny days and cloudy days with and without the sun shades exposed to open sky and under a porch cover. Shot straight over the sensors from 1" to 5" above the sensor. Nothing worked. Every now and then it would register a velocity and otherwise it would just read error 1, error 2, and no reading at all. Don't buy this unit unless you read some online reviews saying they copped to the problem and fixed it.


Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle

Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2012-04-03 00:15:27

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By Greg from USA on 2012-04-03
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Things I liked: This is an excellent PCP for the money! Tons of fun, accurate enough to shoot 2" groups at 85 yards right out of the box (if you are careful) and very easy to shoot and maintain. Pretty quiet - probably lowest in the modestly priced, reasonably high power PCPs. And made in USA! If you haven't bought your first PCP yet, here it is.

Things I would have changed: This gun is a no-brainer in this price range, but there are some easy and inexpensive things that Crosman should fix in future releases. It's a shame that Crosman has not yet fixed the hammer bounce problem. There is an after market debouncer product and by simply installing the same product at manufacturing time it would take the gun to another level - easily worth a modest bump in price. They could also do a better job on the crown consistency to improve longer range accuracy. The trigger is very good for a rifle in this price range, but it could be a bit lighter. Again, for the money this is all knit picking.

What others should know: The 22 cal shoots JSB Jumbo Heavy 18.1 gr at about 815 fps making about 27 fpe after dialing up the power just a bit. I tried about 10 other pellets that did very well at 30 and 50- yards, but the accuracy for the other pellets did not come close to the JSB heavies at the longer distances. 815 fps is about all you can get out of the gun without doing some work on it. Trying to get more just sprays air, increases noise and drops the accuracy and shot count. Out of the box it was shooting more like 770 fps with the JSB heavies which did not work well AT ALL for accuracy past about 70 yards. At 815 fps average (805 to 825 from 2500 PSI to 2200 PSI = 15 shots) you can get groups of about 0.5" to 0.75" at 50 yards and 2" to 2.5" at 100 yards if you are careful. A pure hold all the way through the shot is important at range. For comparison, to cut the 100 yard accuracy in half (on a good day) you are 3X to 4X the price. I ordered the hammer de-bounce and will install it this weekend and update my review afterwards. According to Ted's Holdover, the de-bouncer adds another 10-20 fps and about doubles the accurate shot count. Can't wait to try it because the gun is already fantastic for this level. I'm going to by the 25 cal too. If all you want to do is shoot 50 yards and under with less than 1" groups, you can shoot many different pellets right out of the box and get about 40 to 50 good shots per fill without any of the above hassles.