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Customer Reviews by Randy from USA

Evanix Windy City PCP air rifle

Evanix Windy City PCP air rifle Air rifle
Review entered on 2011-02-06 09:01:06

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

By Randy from USA on 2011-02-06
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Things I liked: Have not had the gun long, but so far I have not been disappointed. The Windy City is a very nice looking Airgun. Wood on my particular rifle is very nice, finish is a bit light though, but nothing that I could not easily improve upon.The comb feels just about right to me and positions my head comfortably and in good alignment with my scope, plus the adjustable butt is a very nice feature. The WC feels much lighter than the advertised 7.8lbs and the rifle shoulders and points very nicely. I mounted a Leapers 6x24x50 scope that I had and though it is a bit of overkill power wise, it fits nicely onto the rifle with accushot high mounts (although I think medim mounts would work as well) and does not make the rifle feel heavy even when shooting offhand. Speaking of offhand shooting the WC does indeed shoot well offhand. The stock configuration lends itself to a good steady offhand position and with less effort than one would imagine, the rifle stays nicely on target. Trigger on my rifle adjusted to a very nice huntng weight, I did not mess with the first stage, opting only to lighten the second stage sear adjustment and got it to where I like it for hunting. I am sure with a bit more tweaking this trigger would/could be made light and crisp enough to satisify most target shooters as well. The 400 cc bottle is very nice for me because I enjoy hunting birds and other small vermin out in the woods where the high shot count on this rifle is a big plus.

Things I would have changed: improve the finish, I think all it really needs is a few more coats of whatever the Koreans are using. My rifle had an even coat on it but it is thin. The magazines, they are metal, and while being of a robust design one of the mags that came with the gun was not machined very well and the o ring on the mag to hold pellets in place did not reach far enough into the mag to secure them and I had several instances of pellets backing out and gumming up the works destroying the skirts and ruining them for anything but leading up the barrel, and JSB's ain't cheap. good thing I bought two extras, and so far they appear to be just fine. IMPROVE THE BAFFLES.........This rifle is rated at 2 low or something like that ....on the same level as an M-Rod. I own an M-Rod and I can tell you, this rifle is no where near as quiet as my M-Rod. Not sure what the baffles are made of, at this point I really have not dug into that aspect of the WC, and maybe I am expecting too much as this rifle does have big time power, at least more than any other gun I have ever owned, way more than my still stock M-Rod. My rifle's noise is on par with some of my magnum springers right now, close to my 350 Mag if I had to guess, and I know it might be something with my rifle, might be just how the WC is stock, I will be getting some baffles made if this is the case. Tighten up the sidelever, While the sidelever is good and tight when locked up, it does have some vertical movement when pulled to the rear

What others should know: Overall I am very pleased thus far with the Windy City. I am shooting JSB 18.1's out of it, and I am not going to give you the ole "it'll shoot the eyes out of a snake at 50 yds" routine but it does shoot very well. I currently have a 30 yd zero on the rifle and am able to keep 5 pellets inside of a dime at that distance shooting from a standing rest, so it has more than enough hunting accuracy for me right now. I don't own a chrony yet, but my brother does, so no chrony numbers to report. My first blood with the gun was the first shot I had fired at a live target, a starling that made the bad choice to land within sight of me at a distance of roughly 60-65 yds. Felt bad about wasting an 18.1 on the lowly vermin, but wanted to see how the rifle would do from a sitting position. This is the most I have ever spent on an air rifle. I really would have liked to have gotten a Royale, but funds were there for this rifle, and I just got the itch to buy before something came along and wiped out my savings before I got the $1500 needed for the Royale. I have not been sorry I decided to go this route, so far the WC has been everything I expected it would be, but could be improved on a bit by making a few changes to the quality of manufacture, of course better quality means higher price. My only concern at this point is durability.... So time will tell how well my WC holds up.....I would not hesitate to purchase another one at this point, great gun...........