Date: 23/9/2017 18:10

Customer Reviews by Neil from Canada

Kalashnikov AKM AEG Airsoft Rifle

Cybergun Kalashnikov AKM AEG Airsoft Rifle Airsoft gun
Review entered on 2012-09-19 20:17:24

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3.0 3.0

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By Neil from Canada on 2012-09-19
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Things I liked: Fast rate of fier, sounds like it has power behind it. Realistic look and feel.

Things I would have changed: Magazine and rifle stock have way too much play in them. So I would tighten them up or change the materials used.

What others should know: I got mine today and couldnt wait to take it out for field testing. I did and was a bit dissapointed. My rifle DOES NOT fire in semi-auto. I dont know if its an issue with the gear box or the manufacturing. Occasionally, the gear box seemed to jam or fail altogether. Accuracy seemed pretty decent and I didnt reallt take the time to site it in. Seems you need to have at least 50 rounds or more or the mags wont feed bb's anymore. As J.M. Shneider said "You can taste the difference quality makes!". This folks, is not a quality gun. Pretty dissapointed for what I was expecting. Looks better than a Canadian tire gun, but the overall performance just wasnt what I was expecting. Maybe I just got a bad gun?