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UTG Full Metal Model 4 Tactical AEG Airsoft Rifle

UTG Full Metal Model 4 Tactical AEG Airsoft Rifle Airsoft gun
Review entered on 2009-09-06 16:06:33

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5.0 5.0

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By Tox770 from USA on 2009-09-06
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Things I liked: Let me start off by saying this is a very soid gun, and about a soid as a replica can get. The body is machined by a company that makes real M4's and The RIS is used in some gun shops for their M4's. There is very little wobble in the gun and even that can be fixed very easily by tightening a few screws. As for accuracy this gun is fairly accurate for an airsoft gun. I was able to consistently hit a soda can from thirty yards away (by consistently I mean 1 out of 5 shots on semi-auto with .20 gram rounds) ,which is more than enough to hit a man sized target from fifty yards away. The gearbox is similar to an Echo 1 Gearbox for an M4, and th all of the gears are metal. The Hop- Up is a one peice aluminum Hop-up (which is a plus). The bushings however are plastic (a minus).

Things I would have changed: The only things i would change are as follows: - Make the bushings metal - Reinforce the Gearbox ( Just a good safety measure) - Make the front sight either removeable or flip down. -

What others should know: there is a little bobble in the reciever and in the RIS. The wobble in the reciever can be fixed by by tightening the two screws on the reciever. The wobble in the RIS is normal, but can be fixed by putting a riser mount on your gun ( You Need one to put any optics on your gun anyway). All in all this gun is a good deal. It is a very solid gun, being all metal except for the stock. It comes with a RIS, which cost around sixty to seventy dollars by htmeselves, a Tri- barrel mount, and a very nice rear sight. Being only about $25 more than the non- RIS version of the gun it is really a great deal. I Say buy this gun