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Customer Reviews by latreille from USA

Diana RWS 350 Magnum Striker Combo

Diana RWS 350 Magnum Striker Combo Air rifle
Review entered on 2010-12-13 13:11:11

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By latreille from USA on 2010-12-13
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5.01 rating

Things I liked: Quality is excellant, i am new to air guns but not guns in general. Trigger is good and is adjustable, its not steel but feels solid. Scope has good adjustments, easy to work with, the mount seems solid, everything is complete when it arrives. I am still breaking it in but i can assure anyone that this gun will do what its expected of it provided the shooter can do his part. I am new to the artillary hold, that is recommendid for best accuracy, but everytime i believe i got it correct, i put my groups in a dime at 20yrds and a quarter at 30yrds. I started out using Crossman premier HP and have not used others yet. ...Dont try to save $100.00 bucks and buy something else, if you buy this package, you get quality and everything in one package. ...In summary, i rate the gun a 5 star, because its high quality and what is $100.00 dollars today for stepping up.

Things I would have changed: I wish i would have had a option for a steel trigger, but i am happy with what i have. Because of the size and weight i wish it was equiped with sling swivels.

What others should know: Its a big gun, bigger than i thought. In the proper hands, i am sure its a effective small game killer out to 50yrds. Based on my shooting so far, it is probably more accurate than most shooters are willing to work at getting.